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Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
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Tezzino [userpic]

Welcome to Beach University, High School and Middle School.

Students from all over are joining the new school Umikani Gakuen, that stretches all from middle school up to university. It's already having a good reputation and has recruited top teachers from all around the world. It's already popular, what with the good education and the closeness to the beach with its white sand that lies just ahead.
Every student and teacher stays in the dorms, that is divided into four houses, one for each department; middle school, high school, university and teacher dorms.Though the teachers live in a dorm as well, it is a bit away from the student dorms, so that everyone gets some form of privacy. The students are not allowed to leave campus, but they don't know just how hard it would be to try. There is a town within the fences, that the students are allowed to visit whenever they do not have classes. There they can look at clothes, animals, visit cafés, the library, the cinema or the arcade and a lot of other things to keep them entertained.

beachuni  is a multi-fandom AU-RP, so you are entirely free to change people's ages if you so wish. Come join us whenever you want.

Click here to get to the app directly~ 


Эмиль [userpic]

Мы пошли по тому же пути, что и Вы сразу - дать как можно информации о товаре. Но скажу очевивидную вещь, да, - клиент будет ходить к Вам за информацией, но это не значит, что он будет покупать у Вас. Он, получив всю инфу, пойдет забьет в поиск нужную вещь и будет искать, где дешевле ее купить. Как и любой человек, как и мы с вами, да? Это не значит, что этого не надо делать, пусть клиент ходит и, может, он чего-нибудь да и купит когда-нибудь. Но не это дает покупателей, это только одна составляющая и не самая главная. Главная - это удобство получения товара и цена. 

Cassie [userpic]

[21] Shinkenger Returns
[18] Suzuki Shogo

[07] Misc Kittens


001 002 003

Grab them here at nyargles :D

Cassie [userpic]

A Shinkenger LiveJournal mood theme, usable by anyone with a Plus, Paid or Permanent account!

You know when you choose your mood on LJ? 'Worried' or 'Tired' or 'Cold'? You can have a little Shinkenger icon next to each of them now! :D


001 Devious 002 Artistic 003 Worried

(The rest of the pics and how to apply it to your LJ)

(Mods - it doesn't quite fit under either fanart or icons, so I just put icons; let me know if you'd like it differently!)

Music_Bando09 [userpic]

 I haven't posted in a while so some might be a bit older than others. Same rules apply, please comment with the icons you are taking to use and credit me if using.

Tono and the GirlsCollapse )

sakurarose88 [userpic]

My tribute video for Shinkenger.

Song: Samurai Heart

Artist: AAA


This is slightly late considering the time the information was released, however for those who don't know yet, Shinkenger is coming back for another film! This time it will be a crossover film scheduled to be released at theaters in Japan January 22nd 2011. Goseiger vs Shinkenger! The official site can be found here. Updates and extras are still yet to be added to the site, but you can bet that new stuff will be coming our way the closer the showing date arrives.

Update:The story...Collapse )

Leaving LJ [userpic]

Written for [community profile] mundane_bingo on DW.

Author: Haruka
Rated: G
Status: One-shot
Summary: Why would Chiaki flip out over yardwork?

IJ link: http://harukafics.insanejournal.com/159361.html
DW link: http://harukafics.dreamwidth.org/152267.html

Music_Bando09 [userpic]

 Hi everyone! This is my first post to this community. I'm sharing some Shinkenger icons that I created fairly recently.

Text brushes by xinstinctive here on LJ. Kanji brushes I cannot remember who made them... :( Border texture by Yuko from MMF.

Please credit me if used! Thank you for looking!

2 Shogo Suzuki Avatars
1 Mako Shirashi/ Rin Takanashi Avatar
1 Ryunosuke Ikanami/ Hiroki Aiba Avatar
4 Kotoha Hanaori Avatars
7 Takeru Shiba/ Tori Matsuzaka Avatars
1 Takeru x Kotoha Avatar

Going forth...Collapse )

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